Custom Resin Chess Set


Made to order glow in the dark custom resin chess board with standard sized pieces.



Made to order glow in the dark 12×12 inch standard size chess board with standard sized pieces ranging from 1.25 inches (pawn) to 2.5 inches (King).

Comes with a complimentary UV Flashlight to charge your chess set! Charges only under UV, black light or sunlight (not regular light) to glow in the dark. Lighter colors glow brighter than darker colors.

Chess pieces are included and made to order with either skull headed pawns, regular pawns, or resin gummy bear pawns (four with bows in hair, four with bow ties per side). Add a note to your order with the style you prefer.

Lifetime warranty! If a part breaks, let me know and I will send you a replacement. If the board arrives warped due to heat during shipping, run it under warm water to bring it back to a bendable state, lay it flat in a cold room with a heavy book on top and it will flatten back to normal.


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